ASUS EEE 900 9" Netbook Notebook 2GB RAM SSD HD Windows XP Excellent Condition


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This little netbook was the best at the time. With 2GB of RAM and 16GB of SSD hard drive, running an optimized version of Windows XP, it is surprisingly fast and smooth.

The entire OS, including Microsoft Works, StarOffice and all utilities, take only about 3GB of storage, leaving the majority of the SSD for data and programs. And if you need more space, it has lots of USB and you can just pop in a USB flash drive for more storage.
Comes with a battery and charger, but the battery life is not guaranteed being an older used unit, battery does not last.
Runs Windows XP, so great for Outlook Express mail users, and even work and office users. Browse on the web or just stream music or video.
Bid confidently. Item is guaranteed as described. However, please do your research, because to prevent frivolous returns, we do charge a restocking fee and return postage.

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