Dual Wan Security Wireless Router Draytek Vigor 2912n VPN USB Cable DSL Fiber


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This is a Dual Wan router, meaning it automatically switches between TWO different internet (WAN) suppliers for redundancy and speed improvement. I used it for both cable and DSL, where cable was the primary, and then the DSL kicks in as backup if the cable goes down. This way your internet is ALWAYS on. Great for small businesses or home businesses that require internet always on, and you have spotty internet service.

It has dual wired Wan input ethernet ports, the usual 4 port wired Lan output ethernet interface, a wireless Lan, and a USB interface for backup. 
Software wise, it has VPN and firewalls for both Wans, so the system is pretty secure.
Easy to setup. Its similar to most routers in this regard, with just additional settings for the second WAN, and some options as to use the 2nd Wan as backup, or always on to improve speed.
Comes with box and antennas and cable and power adapter as shown. Great router but Closing business so don’t need this anymore.

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Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in
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