HiTi Hi-Touch 640DL Dye-Sub Printer 9 boxes paper 6 boxes cleaner "Paper Jam"


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I have a Hiti 640DL dye sublimation 4×6 printer, running on a dedicated Windows XP system. This was their mini-Lab system, and has neat software that calculates cost for prints made. Worked great, until now it has a printer jam error that I don’t know how to fix.

Since I am moving over to Windows 10 anyway, I am selling this for someone who can fix it, or use it for parts or use the remaining supplies, which is a lot.
Here’s what it does. Driver etc loads fine and printer shows up as normal, with no error light. However when trying to print, it gives the red paper jam light. I remove the tray remove the paper and try again, but always the same result. Maybe simple fix, maybe not, but I don’t know how to do it. (computer is not included in this auction, just for demostrating)
Selling the following:
HITI (Hi-Touch) 640DL dye sublimation 4×6 printer
HITI 640DL paper tray (with about 25 pieces still in it)
CD Software Disc for mini-Lab and PhotoDesire software
Manual and Quickguide
8 boxes of HITI 640DL 100 sheets with color ribbon (about 900 pictures total),, 
1 box of HITI 640DL 100 sheets without color ribbon(one packet is opened but not used)
6 boxes of cleaner (each box has 5 sheets of cleaner, clean every 100 pictures)
misc open box supplies (few sheets of cleaner and paper)
Sorry, no warranty on any of this, but items are guaranteed as described. You will recieve those items listed above. No returns or refunds, please. Items sold as is.

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