Hudson 67220 Bugwiser Stainless Steel Sprayer, Bright Finish, 2-Gallon


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I bought this many years ago to spray hot water to clean items (when pressure washers were very expensive). Now I use a pressure washer, so this has been sitting in my garage for years, collecting dust.

Never put chemicals in it, only hot water. Still works.  See pictures. However, this thing is old, so no guarantees OTHER than it will spray  as shown (pictures show spray, and also stream when tip is adjusted).

Ingenius device, requires no power.

To Use, Fill with liquid (water, solvent, bug killer, fertilizer, etc). Push handle into slot hole and turn clockwise until locked tight (but don’t over tighten). Release handle from slot hole. Pump handle up and down to build pressure. Point and press trigger to spray. Turn nozzle to adjust from mist to spray to stream.

To clean or empty, release pressure by pressing trigger until all liquid gone, push handle into slot hole and turn counterclockwise handle until entire handle assembly loose. Handle assembly will slide out.

Location: C11-C12

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Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 12 in