Lenovo ThinkStation S20 Xeon 3D Graphics Workstation Gaming PC Nvidia GTX


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This is the famous Lenovo Thinkstation (formerly known as the IBM Thinkstation) that is the workhorse in the graphic design arena.

It has an Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU with 3 memory channels fully populated with 24GB Ram. My personal machine, I added a Nvidia GTX 570 video card to do hard core gaming in addition to 3D design. Lightning fast, and super reliable. This computer does double duty as a graphics design machine and a good gaming machine.
Plenty of storage with 1TB Hard drive, and easy to update to more drives. Lots of sophisticated features like variable speed fans, lockable case, front mounted USB and lots of rear mounted USB. Extra tall and heavy chassis for low noise and dependability. Conservatively rated high efficiency power supply. Even has a serial port for driving specialty printers and machine control applications (like label, bar code and other type of applications)
This is a smooth, reliable, workhorse machine than can run day in day out with zero problems, and play games when its time to take a break from work.
Bid confidently. Item is guaranteed as described. If you need a dependable, reliable machine for everyday graphics design and gaming as well, this is it.

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Weight 40.00 lbs
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