Vintage HP Pavilion8705 w. Monitor Keyboard Mouse Speakers WIndows Millenium ME


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Rare HP Pavilion 8705 Desktop computer. Even rarer is its comes with Original Keyboard, Mouse and Speakers. Also has a MAG CRT monitor to complete the vintage setup. Very clean condition, with all parts working and nothing broken. All doors open and close and no hidden broken plastic bits and pieces or missing parts.

This computer was one of the models that propelled HP to the forefront of personal computers for its innovation, quality and features, and a real piece of computer evolution history. Made in the USA, before Carla Fiorina at HP pushed everything to China.

  • Pavilion 8705 with Pentium III CPU
  • 640GB Ram
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • CD Player
  • DVD Player and Recorder
  • Network Card
  • Sound Card
  • Modem Card
  • Video Cart (Riva TNT2)
The following has been tested:

Video Output, CD Rom Drive, DVD Rom Drive, Network card, Modem.
Keyboard and Mouse and Speakers, tested OK
CRT Monitor, tested. 
Runs original Windows Millenium (ME) as well as Office 2000 and old Wordperfect.
A new user has been created with no password, so it is ready to run out of the box.
This are hard to find items for those vintage computer collectors. Unit is in very good shape, and more importantly, all parts work well. Shipping will be in two boxes (one for monitor and one for computer with accessories), so it will be a bit on the high side. If I can get it all to fit safely in one box and reduce shipping I will do so and give you back the difference.
You can also come and pickup locally to save shipping altogether.
Location: A6

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Weight 70.00 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in